Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bye Bye Birdie, Fangirl outfits.

All told, Costume Crew made 15 fanclub outfits in all.  That's 15 jackets, 15 Conrad Birdie Fan Club appliques on each jacket, 15 skirts and 15 guitars and 60 notes for each skirt.  This was definitely a group effort!  We were all sick of them by the time opening night came around but... you can see they looked pretty great on stage!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bye Bye Birdie -- here's what happened...

  During tech week of Bye Bye Birdie, I was tired. After Bye Bye Birdie was over, I was tired.  After I got over being tired, my laptop had some I-don't-wanna-turn-on-anymore issues that turned out to be a faulty adapter.  Now, 20 days later, I feel less tired and I have a new adapter. So.

   Conrad Birdie's gold jacket. was the last costume I posted.
I added some over-the-top, Michael Jackson looking, sequined epaulettes.  These were made with hot glue, cardboard, felt, lame', star appliques, sequins and some chunky gold curtain trim.  I also added gold gimp, gold star appliques and gold buttons to the jacket just to pimp it up. 
The pants are mustard yellow Dockers to which I  added some gold paint and spray on glitter. Interestingly, neither of these embellishments showed up one bit on stage, all those lights on him but nary a twinkle.  Take a pick with my crappy camera and they shimmer like they're sprinkled with fairy dust.  Go figure.  The gold shirt, black boots and belt we had in stock from the costume shop.

More tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sleeve Alterations

One of the great things about working in a costume shop is that we have many things in stock to use but they are not all ready to wear.  We're creating costumes for high school students and by nature they are not done growing yet.  The shoulders and torso are smaller for most young men, they fill out as they keep growing, but their arms are long same as an adult's arms would be.  Lanky is the word that comes to mind.  Men's jackets that are longer are also going to be larger in all elements of the jacket.  Men's jackets that are smaller are, conversely, small all the way around, fine for fitting shoulders and torso, but you end up with stubby sleeves.  The easiest alteration to do is to lengthen the sleeve.

This sounds daunting but it's really not.  You start by removing all the buttons, then pick the lining away from the sleeve hem, press out your 'bonus' fabric, re-hem and reattach the buttons.  Time consuming yes, but not difficult.  Plus, you get to see how the garment is made.  The other good news about costumes is that you don't have to be a Saville Row tailor to get the job done either.
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